Tuesday Streetart by Bronik – 25

BARCELONA, SPAIN A streetart by Bronik. Clearly, she is becoming one of my favourite street artist. It is only now that I found out that she is an artist/muralist/streetartist/illustrator from Peru but now based in Melbourne. Gotta search for her work now in my walks.

A walk through Dali’s Mind in Figueres

TRAVEL DIARY: FIGUERES About a 40 minute bus ride from Girona took us to Figueres, the home town of Salvador Dali. “I want my museum to be a single block, a labyrinth, a great surrealist object. It will be [a] totally theatrical museum. The people who come to see it will leave with the sensation…

Bluestone Chapel’s Windows

This is the Bluestone Chapel that sits high on a hill within the grounds of Montsalvat Arts Colony, only about 40 minutes away from Melbourne. Stained glass windows surround the chapel. While the main altar appears simple at first glance, closer inspection reveals attention to detail on its wooden carvings which elevates its elegance.

Exploring Melbourne’s Day & Night

This week’s topic for Lens Artist Photo Challenge is Day & Night I’ll stay close and showcase my home city, Melbourne for this challenge. Its diverse neighborhoods and vibrant urban culture create a lively daytime atmosphere, offering a variety of cuisines and renowned for its coffee culture. As dusk falls, the city transforms into a…

Hey kitty: why the purr-plexing look?

Saw this kitty who was very friendly to us when we went to the art gallery. It even knows how to pose for the camera. Linked to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday – 6WS

Two red Chairs

LONDON, UK Somewhere in London I found this shop dedicated mostly on pre-loved chairs. Linked to Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

Doors of Girona

One of the most historic sites in Spain is Girona that lies in northeast Catalonia. The doors in Girona are a mixture of extravagant and elegant ones. … simple, wooden and metal doors … and some mural and graffiti doors Linked to Dan‘s Thursday Doors

Tuesday Streetart Trompe l’oeil – 24

BARCELONA, SPAIN Trompe l’oeil is a technique used in art in which objects are painted their normal size in a very realistic way, to make people think that the objects are solid and real. (As defined by Collins dictionary). I saw this building in front of the Mercat de Santa Caterina in which this technique…

Day tripping to Medieval Girona

TRAVEL DIARY: GIRONA Left our hotel early for Barcelona Nord. I organised this day trip via Get Your Guide. Met our guide at platform 17/18, left at 8:30 and arrived in Girona, Spain, in about an hour. Explored Girona with a local guide, who shared Game of Thrones Season 6 details which was shot there….

She lost herself in the trees

For this week, Anne-Christine leads us with the challenge of picking a poem or quote and using 1-4 pictures to illustrate this. (Ooops Sorry for having an extra photo) I stumbled upon a brief poem by Christy Ann Martine on Google, and I was intrigued by its mystery. Here goes … She lost herself in…

Stachys Byzantina

Stachys byzantina or Lamb’s Ears, is an evergreen perennial known for its velvety silver leaves resembling lamb’s ear, and its fuzzy flowers. Saw this at the Wilson’s Botanic Gardens. Linked to Cee’s FOTD snd for John’s Cellpic Sunday

Sculptures in Placa de Catalunya

In the heart of Barcelona lies Plaça de Catalunya, a sprawling square graced by an array of public art, making it one of the city’s grandest open spaces. Renowned for its statues and vibrant atmosphere… Its fountains … At the edge of the square is my favourite Font dels Sis Putti, an attractive fountain built…

Laundry day

BARCELONA, SPAIN This is my initial entry for My Vivid Blog and the prompt today is Laundry. I just saw her blog on Brian’s space.

Barceloneta Beach

The Barceloneta Beach is one of the most visited and most famous beach in Barcelona. As we arrived late in the day, we witnessed the staff already in the process of removing chairs from the beachside eatery . Linked to Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

Streetart Doors in Barcelona

In Barcelona, vibrant murals adorn front safety doors, cleverly doubling as advertisements for shops even when closed. Linked to Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

Tuesday Streetart – Leicester Square – 23

LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON This is a fairly new streetart in Leicester Square (maybe end of November 2023?). Photo sent to me by my son Tim. It is by Jim Vision. Jim Vision is a London based Street Artist, Muralist and Graffiti Artist. All such amazing artwork that deserves a second or even a third look.

Park Guell: a fairytale-like experience

TRAVEL DIARY BARCELONA 3: Another place not to be missed when visiting Barcelona is Park Güell: it’s a fairytale-like experience featuring whimsical architecture, vibrant mosaics, and lush gardens meticulously crafted by Antoni Gaudí. Took an Uber to the Carretera del Carmel entrance of Park Güell. We chose the earliest available slot, I factored in my…

Ways to communicate…

In what ways do you communicate online? Migrating to Australia with my husband and one-year-old son left me homesick for a long time. Back then, snail mail was my lifeline to connect with my dad, workmates, and relatives due to the expense of long-distance calls. In today’s digital age, communication is easier but lacks the…

As the sun sets

“Sunsets are the most peaceful moments that nature offers.” – Unknown The word “dramatic” immediately takes my thoughts to the enchanting canvas painted by sunsets. There’s a certain beauty and emotional intensity in the way the sun bids farewell, with a sense of drama and wonder. “As the sun sets, the world becomes a canvas…

Roadtrip: London to Edinburgh then back

Think back on your most memorable road trip. This is a suggested prompt for #Bloganuary Each road trip I’ve had holds its own charm, but the recent journey from London to Edinburgh last November, where my son Tim took the wheel, stands out as the most memorable and exhilarating experience. First stop was Cotswolds. The…

A tiny plaza in El Born Gothic quarter

The Sant Pere de les Puelles Catholic church in the Plaza de San Pedro, or Placa Sant Pere, in the El Born Gothic quarter of Barcelona, Spain. I discover a quaint plaza nestled beside the church, adorned with inviting benches and chairs—an ideal spot for serene moments.

Doors of the La Sagrada Familia

Welcome back, everyone! We’re diving into Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge for 2024. Here’s my initial entry for the year. In 2015, they put the first doors on La Sagrada Familia’s Nativity façade Charity portal. Made by Etsuro Sotoo, the bronze doors with ivy leaves represent lasting love for Mary and Joseph. The doors on the…

Tuesday Streetart Gillespie Park – 22

FINSBURY PARK, LONDON This is a passage going to the Gillespie Park. Beside it, I found this pretty Street Art in the entrance to the Gillespie Park & Nature Reserve.

Exploring the Wonders Within and Beyond Sagrada Familia

TRAVEL DIARY BARCELONA 2: It is not unusual to walk down the streets of Barcelona and not see art in whichever way or form. From Casa Batllo we walked about 10 minutes and we reached another of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Mila, more popularly known as La Pedrera (meaning stone quarry in Catalan). We didn’t go…

My Personal Favourites for 2023

A photo becomes a favorite for various reasons. While it might not hold the same significance for everyone, for me, it’s the attached memories that make it special. Linked to Patti’s LAPC Challenge “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes…

Whimsical: for the child within you

Step into a storybook dessert place, adorned with lollipops, fairy floss and magical trees … a whimsical world of sweets. In Camden market, London, I saw this delightful sweets and ice cream shop called Hans & Gretel. I had this Ube (purple yam) & Honeycombe flavoured ice cream. Linked to Natalie’s Photographing Public Art Challenge…

Tuesday Streetart – Banksy Originals- 21

BRISTOL, UK Here are two original murals by Banksy in Bristol. Well-hung Lover is best viewed from the Park Street bridge above Frogmore Street, as the work is approximately five metres above street level. The attention to detail is impressive because the windows are of the same size as those on surrounding buildings. The Girl…

Stepping to a new year

As we step into the new year, may our hopes and our wishes come true. Wishing for abundant joy, success, and cherished moments. Here’s to more family time, thrilling adventures, exciting travels, and moments of self-indulgence in the activities we love. Cheers to a fulfilling 2024! Linked to Johnbo’s Cellpic Sunday