Stachys Byzantina

Stachys byzantina or Lamb’s Ears, is an evergreen perennial known for its velvety silver leaves resembling lamb’s ear, and its fuzzy flowers.

Saw this at the Wilson’s Botanic Gardens.

Linked to Cee’s FOTD snd for John’s Cellpic Sunday


  1. pk 🌎 says:

    NICE 💚💓💯

    Blessed and Happy day 🌄

    Greetings 👋🇪🇸

  2. I’ve never seen one of these plants before. The fuzzy flowers look so soft.

    1. Teresa says:

      It is just sort of a ground cover in the park. I think I’ve seen a different colour before but not this greyish one.

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks ❤️

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