A short stroll in Mornington

TRAVEL DIARY: MORNINGTON It was a sunny weekend so hubby and I decided to go out and enjoy our Sunday. About half an hour drive to Mornington Walked around the main town. And saw some stools and got envious of these cuties sitting on sun chairs. Then it was lunch at Betty’s Burgers. Heading away…

Doors & Art in Rue des Deux Boules

The main place that we wanted to visit was 59 Rivoli. I have featured it previously here and this is the entry door to the gallery. However, today’s post isn’t about that. I want to take you through the lesser-explored back doors and side streets of Rue des Deux Boules in the 1st arrondissement of…

Aeonium undulatum

Aeonium undulatum is a striking succulent known for its spoon-shaped, glossy leaves. Now that it’s winter, it blooms vibrant conical yellow flowers, adding a burst of color to my back garden. Even the bees are happy. For Cee’s FOTD Challenge And here is how it looks like when the leaves wilt.

Upscale Shop Windows

Paris is know for its Upscale shop windows which epitomises elegance and sophistication. It showcases luxury goods drawing in admirers with their artful use of display. Linked to Bushboy’s Monday Window

Tuesday Streetart Space Invaders -49

As we strolled through Paris, I spotted Space Invader artworks scattered throughout the city. These mosaics resembles the pixelated Space Invaders 1978 video game. They’re the work of Invader, a French artist who began creating these mosaics in the 1990s, drawing inspiration from his love for the classic game. Since then, he continued to create…

Sightseeing Destinations

This week, Leanne is hosting the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, focusing on Tourist Attractions—a broad yet captivating theme. To tackle this expansive topic, I’m categorizing my entries into places I cherish exploring. To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things. as if for the first time,…

Fresh Blooms flourishing in my garden

One more month of this chilly Melbourne winter. These white and purple blooms are beginning to flourish in my garden, benefiting greatly from alternating sun and rain. I am linking this to Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and for Cee’s FOTD

Grand Entrances in Paris

We’ve spent a few days in Paris for our holiday in October of 2023. We explored the different arrondissements of Paris, while wandering alleys and main avenues. Here are some doors that I was able to capture. Ornate gilded gate of the Paris Palais de Justice with the steeple of the Sainte-Chapelle in the background….

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

TRAVEL DIARY: SYDNEY I’ve visited Sydney numerous times, yet I’ve never had the chance to explore the Botanic Gardens until now. One of the perks of hosting visitors from overseas is discovering places I wouldn’t typically think to visit. This is the entrance to the Gardens, Austtalia’s oldest botanic gardens with all its natural beauty….

Tuesday StreetArt Camden – 48

CAMDEN, UK Damitta, also known as DMT Art, is from Spain and now lives in London. She started by helping other urban artists with lettering and backgrounds. Now, she’s known for her own style, painting walls with beautiful portraits of women. This is in Hawley Street in London

Windows in Liverpool

Of course. Liverpool won’t be complete without the Beatles. This week’s windows are from the main strip of the Beatle land. Here are sculptures of the Beatles on the second level of a building. It is nice seeing it at night because of the different coloured lights. Some covered up, colourful windows with psychedelic or…

Colourful Trams of Melbourne

Aside from trains, trams are an essential transport system in Melbourne CBD and nearby suburbs. The usual colour of Trams are these green ones. But recently, I have seen so many beautiful coloured ones. I am linking this to Debbie’s One Word Sunday – Transport

Cellpic Sunday in Melbourne CBD

Here is a picturesque Melbourne street where I captured moments with my iPhone camera. I am linking this to Cellpic Sunday.

By the Pier in Monochrome

This week’s challenge has no theme but Leanne indirectly suggested that a Pier is good captured in Black and White. So here is my link to this week’s Monochrome Madness. Piers in black and white photos shows solitude and strength with the backdrop of the sea and sky.


I don’t particularly like the colour of this Hydrangea but have this lovely memory of time spent with my sister who came here in Melbourne to visit me last April. And just in time for Cee’s Hydrangea post for today. Taken in Cloudehill Gardens in Olinda. Linking it to Floral Friday and for FOTD

Being a Mother of Two

On what subject(s) are you an authority? Being a mother is a deeply fulfilling experience that evolves with time. It involves nurturing life, balancing care with discipline, and shaping a child’s future—a journey that continues even as my kids are now in their 30s. It’s a role I cherish discussing, though I don’t claim to…


TRAVEL DIARY: LIVERPOOL There are places I’ll rememberAll my life, though some have changed.Some forever, not for better;Some have gone and some remain.– the Beatles Even if you’re unaware, you’ll unmistakably sense when you’ve arrived in Liverpool—where everything transforms into a celebration of the Beatles. But first was dinner. We decided to go to Jollibee,…

Garden Dahlia

I am glad to hear that Cee is slowly but surely coming back to blogging. For the time being, she is resuming just FOTD. Here are some white Dahlias to welcome you back.

Tuesday Streetart – 47 – Tiny Banksy art

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA I had been to Banksy’s permanent exhibit in Barcelona and I found it amazing. It brought us to Banksy’s world through urban setting. During my sister’s visit downunder, we attended Banksy’s exhibit in Sydney, “The Art of Banksy: WITHOUT LIMITS.” While enjoyable, I felt it was less immersive compared to the Barcelona exhibit…

Window shopping in Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers more than just castles and historic sites—it’s also a place for diverse and vibrant shopping experiences. Here are some Scottish windows blending modern culture with rich history. Love the window reflection of the buildings from the opposite side. Want to do some window shopping with me?

Silent Sunday

BRIGHTON, VICTORIA, AUS. Parked the car and first thing I saw was this bricked up tunnel painted by John Lawry. The artwork is painted in the Trompe l’Oeil style, which is French for ‘deceive the eye’. By using perspective, the mural creates an illusion of depth and dimension. This tunnel was built in1861 and was…

Moonlit Sanctuary

A place where animals are protected in their natural habitat is called a sanctuary This week, Tina hosts the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with the topic of HABITAT. Last April, I took my sister and niece to the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park in Pearcedale, Victoria. The Moonlit Sanctuary is an award-winning wildlife park located 50 minutes southeast…

Bidding farewell to a stray cat…

Today, I have to bid farewell to a stray cat who’s been with us for about a week. This black and white feline has found its way into our hearts, but it’s time to return him to his rightful owner. We’ll be taking him to a local pound. Although I’ve tried not to get too…


TRAVEL DIARY: EDINBURGH From York, we headed to Edinburgh, where Jack, Tim, and I spent three days and two nights at my cousin Connie’s place. Our visit was more about catching up and reminiscing than sightseeing. Last time I saw her was in 2016 with her late husband Rick, who drove us around Scotland.…from Glasgow,…

Doors in Hollyroodhouse

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND The Palace of Holyroodhouse, commonly referred to as Holyrood Palace or Holyroodhouse, is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. Royal Mile Abbey Strand Edinburgh is the small area around the Palace of Holyroodhouse which was built in 1480 leading up to the Palace gates.  Parts of the old abbey sanctuary…

Banana Blossom

ROYAL BOYANIC GARDENS SYDNEY I was delighted as well as surprised to discover two species of bananas when I visited the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. We are familiar about it looking like this. But would you know what this is? These are Banana flowers (or banana blossoms). They’re edible and can be found fresh at…

Tuesday Streetart Urban Jungle – 46

CAMDEN, UK AeroArts, like many street artists, started by drawing letters on paper. In the early 1990s, he began transferring his sketches onto walls. This mural can be found in Camden and is a brightly coloured Urban Jungle.