Tuesday Streetart Trompe l’oeil – 24


Trompe l’oeil is a technique used in art in which objects are painted their normal size in a very realistic way, to make people think that the objects are solid and real. (As defined by Collins dictionary).

I saw this building in front of the Mercat de Santa Caterina in which this technique was used from top to bottom of the side facade.

In the spring of 2000, two painters. Rafael Cerdan, 57, and Andrew Means, 27, made this mural as a remembrance to the old Pavia poultry, which used to exist on that site in 1901.

Very inviting seeing these people out on their verandah.

The view of the whole building. Pretty isn’t it!


  1. restlessjo says:

    Love it!

    1. Teresa says:

      It’s pretty isn’t it.

  2. Toonsarah says:

    I love this, especially all the detail in the shop front!

    1. Teresa says:

      I know, and so much work put into it. What a great tribute to the initial owners.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks for the visit and for commenting.

  3. Walking Away says:

    What a great idea.

    1. Teresa says:

      Yea it is. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Marie says:

    I love those balcony scenes….

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Marie for stopping by.

  5. screed64 says:

    Beautiful detail. I found some in Hobart, Tasmania but what you have here is wonderful.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks for your comment. Tasmania is so near yet I haven’t been. For sure one day.

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