Tuesday Streetart – 36

BRISTOL, UK This is a Streetart done by WiIII Cross (Wi with 3 capital i’s), a street artist from Bristol. It is an oil painting of a woman wearing a Bulgarian traditional costume.

Tuesday Streetart – 34

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA I forgot where this streetart is actually located and I also don’t know who the artist is. I just know that it is from the streets of Melbourne. This street art got me thinking… it seems to reflect on how people are trapped by things like money, addiction, and social media. The image…

Tuesday Streetart – 33

PARIS, FRANCE You’ll find amazing urban art all over Paris – just walk the streets with your eyes wide open. This is a mural by Cannibal Letters. Cannibal Letters, originally from Paris, has been honing his skills since 1999, using various names and working with different groups. In 2010, he settled on his current name….

Tuesday Streetart – Banksy in London – 31

LONDON, UK In Cargo Bar’s Yard, behind the gate is Banksy’s ORIGINAL – Authorised Graffiti Area and Guard dog. This is in Rivington street. This has been there since the early 2000s and is still in good condition because they’ve put protective covering over it.

Tuesday Streetart Swans – 28

SOUTHWARK, LONDON Discovered the artwork of Australian Street Artist Jimmy C. in Redcross Way, Southwark. Titled ‘Union,’ this mural blends Aboriginal art with ‘Aerosol-Pointillism.’ It depicts two swans meeting peacefully amidst flowing water.

Tuesday Streetart another one by Bronik – 26

EL BORN, BARCELONA, SPAIN This little bar is located in the Born district just near St Catarina market. Bronik is from Peru and was based in Barcelona making graffiti from 2009 until early 2020 when she came to Australia. That is why this is the third mural (I am sure there were more) that I…

Tuesday Streetart Trompe l’oeil – 24

BARCELONA, SPAIN Trompe l’oeil is a technique used in art in which objects are painted their normal size in a very realistic way, to make people think that the objects are solid and real. (As defined by Collins dictionary). I saw this building in front of the Mercat de Santa Caterina in which this technique…

Tuesday Streetart – Leicester Square – 23

LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON This is a fairly new streetart in Leicester Square (maybe end of November 2023?). Photo sent to me by my son Tim. It is by Jim Vision. Jim Vision is a London based Street Artist, Muralist and Graffiti Artist. All such amazing artwork that deserves a second or even a third look.

Tuesday Streetart Gillespie Park – 22

FINSBURY PARK, LONDON This is a passage going to the Gillespie Park. Beside it, I found this pretty Street Art in the entrance to the Gillespie Park & Nature Reserve.

Tuesday Streetart – Banksy Originals- 21

BRISTOL, UK Here are two original murals by Banksy in Bristol. Well-hung Lover is best viewed from the Park Street bridge above Frogmore Street, as the work is approximately five metres above street level. The attention to detail is impressive because the windows are of the same size as those on surrounding buildings. The Girl…

Tuesday Streetart by Otto Schade – 20

LONDON, UK A typically painted interwoven ribbon creation by Otto Schade can be seen in Hawley Street in Camden Town. It is Amy Winehouse plus other examples of his work. This is a scheduled post for this week.

Tuesday Streetart Red Flowers -19

CATALUNYA, BARCELONA, SPAIN It’s such a waste when people vandalise a gorgeous mural. I found this one in Barcelona. It is a mural entitled Red Flowers by Bronik. _______________________________oOo____________________________________________ *Five days before Christmas, amidst the festive preparations, my husband and I find ourselves contending with COVID. Thankfully, our symptoms aren’t severe, marking our first experience…

Tuesday Streetart – 18

BRISTOL, UK A street art by Irony (@whoamirony) & Boe (@placee_boe) that can be found in Back Road in Bristol.

Liverpool Tuesday Streetart -17

LIVERPOOL, UK Visited Liverpool for a night during our road trip, and stumbled upon a captivating 3D mural with three walls near the Cavern Club, just across from Jollibee.

Tuesday Blue Streetart Window – 16

BRISTOL, UK After weeks away, I am back with my weekly streetart post linking it with Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge. This is a fun challenge for me because I love searching for Streetart everywhere I go. It is not hosted by anyone, so if you want to join in, just post a photo. I found…

Window and NY Streetart – 15

NEW YORK, USA Windows and Streetart which my son found in New York when he went there recently. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Window

Tuesday Eyes Streetart – 14

NEW YORK, USA More mural photos taken by my son, Tim, when he went to New York. Eyes are a central theme of these. Some funny and weird ones.

Tuesday Streetart in Oakleigh – 13

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Oakleigh is a suburb in the southeast of Victoria, 14 km from the CBD of Melbourne. In one of the hidden corners in Oakleigh are these street art on both sides of a laneway done by the AWOL Crew which is a team of well-known street artists. Some crew members include Adnate, Dreams,…

Soar High Tuesday Streetart – 11

BGC, PHILIPPINES This is a mural made possible by a grant from Jordan-Manila who supports public art theme: “Rolling Out a Better World Soar High is by Jasmin Lacay done in 2022 and can be seen in High Street South, 28th St. corner 9th Avenue in the Philippines.

Simply Tuesday Streetart -10

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Nothing elaborate for this week but simple public art in Melbourne CBD. I think some of them were just stickers. But I found them cute.

Brooklyn Tuesday Streetart – 9

BROOKLYN, USA Amidst the crazy and chaotic graffiti world in Brooklyn, Tim found these amazing true to life portraits on the walls by Jorit. Jorit Ciro Cerullo, professionally known as Jorit, is an Italian street artist.

Hosier Lane Tuesday Streetart – 8

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA This is in Hosier Lane in Melbourne. I didn’t even notice the person looking at me until now that I am posting it. Sorry for invading your space. A work by El Rolo, one of the few artists brave enough to keep painting through all the Melbourne covid19 lockdowns! This is one of…

Tuesday Streetart – 7

MORNINGTON, AUSTRALIA These are streetart on doors of the Bathing Boxes in Mornington Peninsula. You can join me, if you like, with some of your Street Art photos. You can tag me on Teresa’s Tuesday Streetart

Tuesday Streetart – 6

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA One only has to use ones eyes to discover more murals on the wall… at Flinder’s Ct in Melbourne CBD. “It is in their eyes thattheir magic resides.” – Arthur Symons The two murals below are by the Melbourne artist, Lukas Kasper. You can join me, if you like, with some of your…