First Stop…Netherlands

“Think of the beauty that is still left all around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

But …going with a group with about 20 or more individuals isn’t easy … there will always be clash of characters as you will learn later on in this blog.

First stop over is in The Hague, Netherlands. You may be wondering why I am posting this and what is so special about this place. Well, nothing really it’s just that this was the first stop-over and one of the tour member already had her bag stolen. She was sitting quietly with her son with her bag beside her, then a man came and asked a favour if they could take his photo. So of course her son did and before they knew it, her bag was gone. All her passport and money and credit cards were there. We thought that she and her son won’t be able to continue on with the tour because she needs her passport to do that. But to make a long story short…she was able to catch up on the Germany stop. Everything was fixed by the Embassy since she knows people in high places. (Well that’s what she said 😳.)


This is part of the series that I started on my main blog, but continuing it here, entitled On the Road.

On our trips, especially when we were taking the coach, Jack and I noticed that there were so many photos that were just stuck in our hard drives because they weren’t good enough. These were images that were taken while in transit… some blurry… some may be skewed … or even some with a “photo bomber”.

These are our personal series of photos that didn’t quite make the cut…but still great memories as we drove around on whatever transportation we were using!

This is the Netherlands countryside through a coach window.

It was already sunset when we got to our hotel.


Berghotel was the first hotel we stayed at. It was a budget but decent hotel, but what we liked were the paintings all around the lobby.


These are extraordinary times. Some information may have changed due to Covid-19, always check for updates. Stay safe.



  1. lolaWi says:

    oh the little stories in a group tour!! sorry about the lady but one has to be extra careful 🙂 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      She is from our country and she was able to arrange everything fast. She knows people in the right places so by the next day she was back with us…considering that it happened on a weekend. I think she woke up the embassy people haha.

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