Strolling Through the City: A Parisian Adventure


On October 10th, we embarked on the Batobus, eager to explore multiple stops with the flexibility of hopping on and off.

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First stop: Jardin des Plantes. Walked by without going in—hubby and I weren’t too interested.

Went past the Botanical Gardens…

This is the stop where we waited for our ride.

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Loved getting around using this… so relaxing.

Went down the Louvre which is the cultural heart of the city.

Went through Ponte des Liones

The texture of the pillars and gates are truly remarkable.

Exploring the Tuileries Garden brought joy—admiring sculptures, observing students sketching, and finding comfort on elegant wooden benches beneath a leafy canopy.

The Louvre Museum was closed that day so it was a bit quieter and that’s how I like it.

After seeing everything that we wanted to see on this stop, we decided to head back to the Batobus.

As we prepared to return to the Batobus, a sudden panic hit me – I had misplaced my ticket.

I looked everywhere and with no solution in sight, we decided to embrace the situation. And all this time Jack was rolling his eyes and breathing deeply with frustration.

We found ourselves wandering the streets without any plan, simply savouring the enchanting Parisian architecture instead.

Then we took the uber to the Eiffel.

Having pushed our tired feet to the limit, we found this tranquil spot near the Eiffel Tower. There, I immersed myself in sketching, had some ice cream and rested until it was time for our sunset Seine River Cruise.

Our cruise was with the Bateaux Mouches and I didn’t realise that the ramp that we were gonna take was miles and miles away from the Eiffel. Uh-oh… another booboo

Anyway, we got there just on time for the sunset cruise.

On the cruise, I couldn’t decide between enjoying the scenery or watching people do their funny poses. Haha!

Ended our day with Crepes at the Seine. Before taking the Metro back to our hotel.

Photos from 10 October 2023


  1. restlessjo says:

    It sounds wonderful, Teresa (apart from losing your ticket). How lovely to be able to sit and sketch and capture the memories that way. Something I could never do! Many thanks for the link, hon.

    1. Teresa says:

      My pleasure, Jo. It was a nice feeling just sitting under the shade and watch people go by.

      1. restlessjo says:


  2. Jim Earlam says:

    We absolutely loved Paris 😀

    1. Teresa says:

      I didn’t like it the first time because we went so fast with a tour group. I am glad we came back this time around.

  3. Ah you got to see more of the Paris when you lost your tix, that’s the good part. 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes that’s the good port and thanks to Google maps.

  4. Toonsarah says:

    What a super Parisian day, despite the lost ticket! Actually, you probably saw more as a result 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      I guess we did see more but bless my feet haha

  5. What a fantastic tour! Thank you so much for taking us along 😃 The river ride looks like a fantastic way to enjoy the sights & views 😃

    1. Teresa says:

      Definitely was very relaxing.Thanks for commenting Jez.

      1. You’re very welcome 😊

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