On covered Windows & Murals

“The public has a right to art … Art is for everybody.” – Keith Haring

For Sami’s Monday Murals Challenge and for Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge

A collaboration work of Miles Toland, Makatron, Itch and Chuck Mayheld at the Thornbury Food Truck Station in Northcote.


  1. Very artistic murals.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, all gorgeous murals done by 4 different artists.

  2. Goodness, these are beautiful and incredible ways to cover over windows. Really great artistic collaborations.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks and happy that you enjoyed these murals. I had to squeeze my camera through a small door opening for this…. I had to take a photo of it.

  3. picpholio says:

    Wonderful street art, I love it !

  4. sami veloso says:

    Wow, such great murals Teresa. Love the cassowary. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Sami! Sorry I find it hard to write comments on Blogspot. Every time I do it just disappears. I dunno why. It is always a pleasure joining in.

  5. Jackie says:


    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Jackie!

  6. Cee Neuner says:

    WOWZA. What terrific art work. 😀

    1. Teresa says:

      I thought that too ❤️

  7. Ludwig says:

    Fascinating art! That lightning bolt crossing the window is particularly well done. Than you!

    1. Teresa says:

      Yeah I know…every element of the design pops out! Thanks.

  8. Tanya Breese says:

    Beautiful and colorful!

    1. Teresa says:

      Lucky to have found it!

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