St Mary’s Cathedral and its Windows

St Mary’s Cathedral is the largest church in Australia. It is an active place of worship and an important landmark in Sydney. Let me take you inside to see the beautiful stained glass windows which I am linking to Ludwig’s Monday Window.

From the plane window…

I am on a few days trip to Sydney with hubby, sister and niece… Some views from the plane window which I am linking to Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge Glad to see the Sydney Opera House from the plane window before it touched down…

Cats by the Window

NAZARE, PORTUGAL I don’t know why there are so many cat figurines in Nazare. Anyway, here they are … and they’re so cute sitting on the window ledge. I am linking this to Ludwig’s Monday Window

Lisbon windows through Tim’s Lens

Yes, yes my son, Tim, takes photos so much better than me and I am proud of it . Hubby and I stayed longer in Lisbon and when it was their last day, Tim and Leigh went out on their own to experience the city on a faster pace (without their 65 year old parents…

A circular journey

For this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge, Anne Christine leads us with the topic of Circular Wonders. Let me focus on images with circles or circular patterns on architecture. On windows… Double dipping for Ludwig’s Monday Windows. On signages… On different art forms… On everyday objects… It can also be found in nature…

A window in Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a charming countryside in England. It is famous for its endearing cottages just like this. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Navigating Lisbon’s Stairways and Alleys

TRAVEL DIARY: LISBON 1 Jack and I reached Lisbon from Barcelona via Vuelling airlines in approximately 2 hours. Upon arrival, we met up with Tim and Leigh, who had traveled from London. We took an Uber to our Airbnb and true to the forecast it rained the whole day. After putting our luggage down and…

Round Windows

BARCELONA, SPAIN Modern architecture of residential building with big round windows by architect Mario Catalan Nebot. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Windows

Shutter Windows in Montmartre

Four months have passed, and I still vividly remember my first day in Paris when I visited Montmartre. These are the ones I discovered in a quiet spot farther away from Place du Tertre. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Windows Some small tiles, sculptures and streetart beside the shutter windows.

Bluestone Chapel’s Windows

This is the Bluestone Chapel that sits high on a hill within the grounds of Montsalvat Arts Colony, only about 40 minutes away from Melbourne. Stained glass windows surround the chapel. While the main altar appears simple at first glance, closer inspection reveals attention to detail on its wooden carvings which elevates its elegance.

Day tripping to Medieval Girona

TRAVEL DIARY: GIRONA Left our hotel early for Barcelona Nord. I organised this day trip via Get Your Guide. Met our guide at platform 17/18, left at 8:30 and arrived in Girona, Spain, in about an hour. Explored Girona with a local guide, who shared Game of Thrones Season 6 details which was shot there….

Park Guell: a fairytale-like experience

TRAVEL DIARY BARCELONA 3: Another place not to be missed when visiting Barcelona is Park Güell: it’s a fairytale-like experience featuring whimsical architecture, vibrant mosaics, and lush gardens meticulously crafted by Antoni Gaudí. Took an Uber to the Carretera del Carmel entrance of Park Güell. We chose the earliest available slot, I factored in my…

Exploring the Wonders Within and Beyond Sagrada Familia

TRAVEL DIARY BARCELONA 2: It is not unusual to walk down the streets of Barcelona and not see art in whichever way or form. From Casa Batllo we walked about 10 minutes and we reached another of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Mila, more popularly known as La Pedrera (meaning stone quarry in Catalan). We didn’t go…

A walk through Casa Batllo

TRAVEL DIARY BARCELONA 1: After tiring our legs out in Paris for four days, hubby and I opted for a more leisurely pace in Barcelona. Our plan: two key attractions at the most daily, with the rest of the time dedicated to leisurely strolls around the city. Walked approximately 25 minutes from our hotel to…

Parisian Art Exploration

TRAVEL DIARY: PARIS 3 On our final day in Paris, October 11th, we aimed to explore as many Art attractions as we could before leaving. Initially, our plan was to visit Sainte Chapelle, but without a prebooking, the lengthy queue stalled our progress for 30 minutes. We opted to change course and explore another destination…

Tuesday Blue Streetart Window – 16

BRISTOL, UK After weeks away, I am back with my weekly streetart post linking it with Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge. This is a fun challenge for me because I love searching for Streetart everywhere I go. It is not hosted by anyone, so if you want to join in, just post a photo. I found…

The windows of Liberty

Liberty is a luxury department store in London and the building dates back from 1875. It is one of the most iconic stores in Regent Street. The Liberty Clock is a mechanical clock that was completed in 1925. I like how it looks like clocks that you may find in European Old Towns. Linked to…

Monday Windows in Batangas

Well, I am still in my reminiscing mode so here are windows from my latest trip back home. Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila. It is where you can find the well-known Taal Volcano. Here are windows inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window. This accommodation was built high up which…

Windows in Manila

I am now back to reminiscing my trip to the Philippines. While driving around Manila, I saw these windows of apartments. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window

Monday Windows in Makati

My windows post last week was on a greater scale. But this week’s entry is something for my memories. Took this photo through the car window during my holiday in the Philippines. For Ludwig’s Monday Window

Monday Window

Here is a window from the Museo Orlina, an art museum in Tagaytay, Philippines.

Looking over the balcony

We stayed on the 6th floor of my sister’s place in Makati, Philippines and these are some if the windows that I saw from where I stood. This was taken on our first day of holidays. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window

Interesting Architecture

“There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.” – Antoni Gaudi Talking of Interesting Architecture, let me start of with this architecture from the city centre of Melbourne. Unlike traditional public spaces, like Venice’s San Marco or New York’s Rockefeller Centre, Fed Square…

On covered Windows & Murals

“The public has a right to art … Art is for everybody.” – Keith Haring For Sami’s Monday Murals Challenge and for Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge A collaboration work of Miles Toland, Makatron, Itch and Chuck Mayheld at the Thornbury Food Truck Station in Northcote.