Being 62

“Nobody expects to trust his body overmuch after the age of fifty.” – Alexander Hamilton

I was walking last week when all of a sudden I felt my knees being misaligned. I don’t know if that is the term but that is what it felt like. But it did’t stay long that way and it felt normal again. But sudden movement or shifting to different direction of walking gives me shooting pains on my knee. So I had some xrays done and I was told by my GP that I have osteoathritis. He said that there are 3 stages of arthritis and I am only in the second stage so nothing to worry about.

Many people have this so it is really not a big deal for a lot…but it is one great deal for me. My form of exercise is Zumba, i do it 3 times a week and during lockdown I did it maybe even 5 times a week. (Oh yes, I am still overweight haha) I just love the energy and the fun it gives me. So when the doctor told me that I have to refrain from doing what I love doing, I felt sad.

I was told that I can do other forms of exercise like swimming and biking but it’s not really the same. Oh well… that is life and am not getting any younger… I should get used to being 62.

In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually wears away. As the cartilage wears away, it becomes frayed and rough, and the protective space between the bones decreases. This can result in bone rubbing on bone, and produce painful bone spurs.


  1. I love Zumba too 💃 Take care…

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes it is fun. But what can I do.

  2. nesfelicio says:

    Take care… you’re doing well for your age… I mean what age??

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes…what age? Haha my mind is 20 but my knee is 120 😂😂😂

  3. eklastic says:

    Thank you for showing me what I can look forward to (I’m turning 62 in April)! 😉 Sorry about your Zumba. I hope you find a good alternative!

    1. Teresa says:

      I just feel bad because I try to do my best to be active, and then this happens. Good luck to you!

      1. eklastic says:

        I know the feeling. Winter & lockdown have not been kind (I admire you for doing Zumba at home – I don’t like indoor sports). Keep moving, though!

        1. Teresa says:

          Thanks, I will try to get the motivation.

  4. restlessjo says:

    Tell me about it! I’m 10 years ahead of you 🙁 🙁 Love zumba too but little opportunity lately.

    1. Teresa says:

      Because of the lockdown there is virtual zumba again..I will try on Monday and see how I go. I just have to remember NO jumping

      1. restlessjo says:


  5. maristravels says:

    Only 62? You’re only a kitten-kat. Nothing to worry about. Keep on thinking you’re only 20. I’ve been doing that for years.

    1. Teresa says:

      Oh yes thanks. Will have to do that then.

  6. Leya says:

    I have got arthritis in my knees too, and it is increasing in my fingers. I am one year ahead of you. Sorry about the Zumba, but we maybe have different problems, because I am requested to keep moving and training my joints, bones and fingers. Or did you have to stop due to pain? Hopefully you will find some other lovely ways to train!

    1. Teresa says:

      I stopped for a month because there is pain. I was told to continue exercising but with a different sort like swimming or cycling. Zumba puts pressure on the joints. Let us both take care. Have a good day Ann-Christine.

      1. Leya says:

        Yes, let’s – !

  7. oh ouch! Can you walk? I’ve been walking morning and night the past couple of months. Not really lost my weight yet, but it sure gives me energy to get 4-5 miles of walking in each day. Hope you find something else to keep you active. I have arthritis too, in my lower back and my neck. Walking helps my back feel better.

    1. Teresa says:

      It is not too painful anymore but I am careful not to have sudden movements. Just a few minutes ago I went for a walk…slowly but in time I will go faster. I have to do what I have to do. Life doesn’t stop here.

      1. You got that right Teresa! To much life to live 😊

        1. Teresa says:


  8. Prior... says:

    I did zumba a few times and it is wonderful and so embracing to folks to have some flexibility in doing it our own way – and the mind body connection has to be good for keeping neural pathways firing – all those routines – and then the pure fun of jamming and moving to the music

    and side note – have you tried MSM – I know a few friends who used this with a good cal-mag-zinc and d3 blend and had huge results –
    and our dog was having joint pain in his right leg and the MSM cleared it up almost fully –
    check it out – the MSM is sulphur that is all natural and amazing – 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      Everything you said here is so true. But it depends too on how good the instructor is. Thanks for the advise. I will looking into the MSM.

      1. Prior... says:

        well i must say that i used to be anti suplllemts / thought they were waste if money
        but i used vitamins and minerals and misc to heal my body (terrain) and woo hoo!
        but it takes time to figure out what we need and to go slow too – eh?
        and you are right about the teacher / makes a huge difference

        1. Teresa says:

          Just have to take one step at a time. Thanks for all the lovely conversation!

          1. Prior... says:

            yes – and two mottos we have lived by with trying things 1) it is okay to move like a snail if trying new things (and then other times take a chance and see) and 2) do no harm (sounds obvious but good reminder)
            enjoyed chatting too

          2. Teresa says:

            Oh yea haha 2 good mottos to live by. I am feeling like a snail for now. Have a good day!

          3. Prior... says:


  9. Prior... says:


  10. Prior... says:

    Hi – the zumba sounds fun and I have taken a few classes – and it sun tis goof the brain and neural pathways to keep track of the routines – and also I noticed Zumba can be quite forgiving to let us do it as we are able – (meaning a newly had some privacy with finding the groove) ha – but I can see why you like it and keep jamming with it – 🙂

    side note – have you tried MSM (suffer) I know a few folks who have had good results with it – and magnesium chlride flakes (life flo)
    but that MSM – even helped our dog!
    and taken with a nice cal-mag-zinc blend I think you would see great results – just an idea to consider – take care

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