The Cally

“I’m not lost, I’m exploring.”

Tim, my son, used to live in Islington, a district in Greater London in 2018 … so best place to go for coffee is in Caledonian Road or The Cally (as locals call it). This is a long stretch of road running for a mile on the western side of Islington.

We just had a few hours to spare before we had to leave for Prague, so we had a short stroll along this main road. We started off with an early morning coffee at Costa.

This is the bridge over Caledonian Road with ‘The Cally’ signage

One turn took us to this beautiful church known as the St Andrew’s Church of England.

Louis Masai’s beautiful and colourful selection of Parrots in Tilloch Street, entitled the ‘Cally Squak’.

Gorgeous mural by James Cochran aka Jimmy C on Caledonian Road itself.

These store decors, tiny streetart, flowers …. All made me smile.

Passing through Regent’s Canal Towpath….well what can you say! It is a magnificent peaceful oasis amidst the busy city. Would have loved to have taken a boat ride, but maybe in another time.


  1. Toonsarah says:

    I love the parrot mural and Jimmy C’s work is always amazing! The canal is indeed an oasis in the city, I love to visit Little Venice but I don’t know this stretch so well – I must check it out.

    1. Teresa says:

      Do you live near there?

      1. Toonsarah says:

        No, I am in West London, but I often visit different parts of the city

        1. Teresa says:

          Oh, near Notting Hill?

      2. Toonsarah says:

        Quite a bit further out – Ealing

        1. Teresa says:


  2. restlessjo says:

    It’s a place I love 🤗💟

    1. Teresa says:

      That’s nice 👍🏼

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