Partly closed Shutters

Like a window had been thrown open inside my head and my heart, where there had been closed shutters before. — Malorie Blackman

This is the fourth and last of my series about Carcassonne. This is also for Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge. Here we saw quite a number of old houses…some with widely opened windows and some with partly closed shutters.

Carcassonne is sort of divided into two cities, both medieval, but on the north side of the river Aude is the hilltop Citadel, La Cite, which I have posted previously. And on the south side of the river is La Bastide or Saint-Louie Bastide or the Ville Basse (lower city). This is a medieval town as well, as it was built in 1247 under the reign of Louis IX.

The Bastide Saint-Louie is the historic centre of the city and it has retained its medieval streets and ancient buildings and gorgeous windows.


  1. Ludwig says:

    A beautiful place. Wonderful photos. Thank you!

    1. Teresa says:

      Glad you liked it Ludwig.

  2. margaret21 says:

    Ah, memories! When we lived in France, this was one of our nearest cities (albeit a couple of hours away), so these shots look nostalgically familiar.

    1. Teresa says:

      Those would be nice memories. Where are you based now? Sorry I may have asked before but I forgot.

      1. margaret21 says:

        We’re near Ripon North Yorkshire. Very different!

        1. Teresa says:

          True…very different.

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