Murals, Windows and More

Windows make the murals more exciting and murals make the windows more interesting! And I believe that is the case here in the following images from an area in Fitzroy near Melbourne. These were taken a few months ago when I had lunch at a cafe with Jack and Pat. This was in one hidden laneway where I went in and told my hubby and my daughter to see me on the other end.

For Ludwig’s Monday Windows Challenge and for Sami’s Monday Murals Challenge


  1. Julie says:

    The first mural almost looks like my dog.

    1. Teresa says:

      That’s a cute dog! It surely made you smile with the similarity!

  2. The first one is my absolute favorite. You certainly found a lot of them in a row!

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes, definitely so…got excited in one go!

  3. picpholio says:

    Nice street art, I love graffiti.

    1. Teresa says:

      Love it too but sometimes it depends on how it is done.

  4. sami veloso says:

    That doggie is so cute 🙂 Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Teresa.

    1. Teresa says:

      I know Sami! 🐶

  5. Jackie says:

    Great finds!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks so much Jackie 💛💚

  6. lolaWi says:

    interesting murals, T!

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes they are, Wi!

  7. Toonsarah says:

    Very colourful!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Sarah… ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  8. One thing I’ve noticed: lots of cities are getting into murals. Thanks for posting these.

    1. Teresa says:

      People need to express more nowadays, I guess.

  9. Priti says:

    Excellent murals 🌹☺

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Priti ❤️

      1. Priti says:

        You are welcome 🌹😊

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