Mt Titlis

”The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.” – Lama Willa


Back on the road … Lucerne is so close to the Swiss Alps (about 30 minutes or so) so it’s not surprising that the tour passed by Mount Titlis, which is the highest mountain in central Switzerland.
Even just seeing the view from the coach would already make one feel excited. On the scenic route we saw the Swiss chalets dotting the amazing mountainous scenery.

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Next stop…Engelberg.

Engelberg is known as the largest skiing resort in Central Switzerland. I am not into snowboarding or skiing but the view was enough for me. Engelberg is a small valley town surrounded by majestic mountains all around.

What epic scenery as we slowly went up Mount Titlis by way of a funicular, then on a cable car, then on a Titlis Rotair, which took us to the top.

Upon reaching the summit…

WOW You can’t even begin to know what to feel while you’re up there! Breathtaking views…. the sky, the clouds, the snow …what a spectacular experience.

Everything went perfectly well … except for the food at the restaurant at the top of Titlis. But we went in 2016 so I am hoping that they have changed their chef since then.


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