Life is too short…

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

Life is too short

… be happy

… make the most of it

… be kind

… so try to travel more (haha I really had to include this)

… be thankful with what you’ve got

… say I love you to people that matter most

This has not always been a quote that I live by, but since I turned 60 it seems that life is getting shorter and shorter as the day goes by.

I want to live life to the fullest like there’s no tomorrow because you never know. More and more I see a black page or a candle page in Facebook, someone I know or my friends know that had passed away. So really, life is too short.

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

    1. Teresa says:

      👍❤️ we all agree with that

  2. margaret21 says:

    Agreed. Wait till you hit the late seventies though ….

    1. Teresa says:

      Oh nooooo

      1. margaret21 says:

        It’s not that bad, really!

        1. Teresa says:

          I agree though, it just seems bad for me because of the aches and pains but other than that, life is good

          1. margaret21 says:


  3. Walking Away says:


    1. Teresa says:


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