I am a Work in Progress


(Back story)

I studied Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Advertising when I was in the Philippines. I became a Graphic Designer right after school. Then my husband and I came here to Australia in 1991 together with my one year old son. And since then I haven’t touched my artistic side until when I had a stroke in 2017.

In October of 2017, I had difficulty remembering my past, where I put stuff or even how to cook spaghetti. I had to start all over again with the help of rehab. One Rehab worker suggested to me to go back to where I started because maybe that will trigger my memory. So with her advise I started to draw simple drawings of flowers and I gave them to my fellow stroke survivors near my bed.

And about mid 2021, I found this group known as U3A (University of the Third Age) which is an international self-help movement, run by and for retirees. I am not retirement age yet (2 more years to go) but I joined the Urban Sketchers group which meets once a month to do on site sketching.

So now I consider myself a work in progress in regards to this type of art. I enjoy going out with the group of gray haired women enjoying a chat or a cuppa tea while doing some sketches. I still have a long way to go though…

But there are days when I just go out by myself, sit on a bench and do a sketch. I sometimes meet other people who get interested in what I am sketching.

But during days when I get lazy to go out of the house, I do some sketches from photographs of my past travels. This is in Szentendre, Hungary. A work in progress I started yesterday.

And finished today…

Linked to Lens Artist Photo Challenge led by Ann-Christine.