Geelong by the Waterfront

This morning I took my sister, Pilar, and my niece, Pam, to Geelong. (They are both here for a month long holiday from the Philippines). Geelong is the second largest Victorian city behind Melbourne and is the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula and the Great Ocean Road.

Here we found these amazing sculptures which I am linking to Natalie’s Photographing Public Art Challenge – PPAC

Charming bronze sculptures on the waterfront, entitled “Poppykettle” by renowned author Robert Ingpen. Based on his book ‘The Voyage of the Poppykettle,’ these characters embark on a magical journey from Peru to Australia in the 16th century. The whimsical figures are so captivating.

And that’s hubby, just to show the size of the miniature sculptures.

‘North’ is by acclaimed sculptor Mark Stoner. Seven towering sail or shark fin-inspired structures, standing between 2.2 to 3.5 meters high, adorned in captivating hues of rich greys, reds, and earthy tones.

‘The Buoys’ at Steampacket Gardens, where former buoys transformed into striking artwork. With six buoys in varying states, from freshly painted to weathered by salt and wind, these colossal metal structures have become beloved icons along our picturesque waterfront.

Seats at the Geelong Pier. I am linking this to Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

Photos from 05 April 2024

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  1. Natalie says:

    Teresa, I’d love to visit Geelong and see the beautiful miniature sculptures, North and the colourful buoys. Thank you for your PPAC contribution.

  2. I love the Geelong waterfront and your photos show it off beautifully.

  3. margaret21 says:

    Perfect holiday snaps!

  4. PR says:

    Beautiful scenery and lovely family 🙂..the dwarves are cool!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks PR ❤️

  5. I love all those sculptures and other public art. It looks like a great waterfront to walk along.

    1. Teresa says:

      It really is. It can be a long walk but thanks to the tourist trains.

  6. Alison says:

    Looks like a fun day out Teresa, haven’t been to Geelong yet, hoping to go this July and take the ship over to Tasmania

    1. Teresa says:

      That would be good. Haven’t you been to Tasmania before?

      1. Alison says:

        Yes we have, but Anthony wants to experience cold cold🤣 so we will go to Cradle mountain

        1. Teresa says:

          That’s great. Have fun 👍

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