‘Aliens’ have landed in Fed Square

This is Saturday Sky on the way to the Melbourne CBD.

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While on a tram to meet up with Pat to have lunch.

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And this was lunch at a Biang Biang Noodle Place.

Walking to the Fed Square to see what was going on there. Passed by the Melbourne Town Hall decorated for Rising 2024

Walking until reaching the Flinders Street Train Station

So What’s On in Melbourne? In Fed Square we see RISING, which is a city-wide arts festival.

These are three (3) works of artist Kait James. Namely: Game Over, Alienation and Take me to your Weaver in the middle of the square.

Michael Cook’s Invasion series reimagines Australia’s colonial history. It flips the roles of coloniser and colonised, portraying Aboriginal people as alien invaders in iconic London scenes.

Please click on images to enlarge … these are amazing shots so better to see it bigger.

In Tony Albert and ENOKi’s installation, titled “Aliens have invaded the Atrium,” they use the alien symbol to explore diversity. Tony Albert blends pop culture with his Aboriginal heritage to spark thoughts about what makes us different.

Pat, Jack and myself having fun with some of the immersive art available. It was fun.

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  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Fun to see the alien art. Look like y’all had a great time. 🙂

    1. Teresa says:

      Ha ha yes we did! Thanks a lot!

  2. Teresa, lovely post of the alien invasion! Seriously, I enjoyed the tour.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Johnbo, glad you liked it. I think today’s the last day so happy that I made it.

  3. margaret21 says:

    What fun!

    1. Teresa says:

      We did have fun!

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