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  1. restlessjo says:

    A nice mood!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Jo!

  2. margaret21 says:

    Lovely, and evocative.

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks … it is.

  3. Debbie says:

    Very nice spot – you reminded me about the lovely Laie bookshop

    1. Teresa says:

      Thanks Debbie, that is what I love about connecting with people on this blog…it reminds us of memorable times.

  4. Marie says:

    Gorgeous – Just realised its almost 34 years since I was in Barcelona!!! time for another visit I reckon!!

    1. Teresa says:

      I guess it is time. ❤️

  5. eklastic says:

    Very nice crisp shadows amongst those high houses.

    1. Teresa says:

      It was that time of day 👍

  6. Love how well that pint t-shirt stands out.

    1. Teresa says:

      Yes, in contrast with the sunset 👍🏼 Thanks fro the visit.

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