Philippines Moving Forward

It’s Day 2 of Becky’s SquaresRenew and I am featuring something that is close to my heart. As a Filipino migrant residing in Australia, every time I see something “Filipino” like these trams in Melbourne and in Sydney….I feel so excited. I’ve often wondered why discussions about Southeast Asia frequently overlook the Philippines, mentioning countries…

More Doors in the Philippines (part 5)

You may all be getting tired of it so … promise… this is my last post about doors from my trip the Philippines. I don’t think I have any more photos of doors left to publish anyway. Inspired by Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

Wooden Wheels in Vigan

Wooden wagon wheels which are very common in the cobblestone streets of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines). Inspired by Debbie’s One Word Sunday- Wheels

Philippines Diary

And as a Filipino OPM (Original Pilipino Music) by Hotdog song goes: ManilaI keep coming back to ManilaSimply no place like ManilaManila I’m coming home TRAVEL DIARY: PHILIPPINES I should say that there are things that I don’t miss in the Philippines… the corrupt government is on top of my list. The sticky feeling that…