Cats by the Window

NAZARE, PORTUGAL I don’t know why there are so many cat figurines in Nazare. Anyway, here they are … and they’re so cute sitting on the window ledge. I am linking this to Ludwig’s Monday Window

Through the Tram 28 Window

TRAVEL DIARY: LISBON 3 Because of the wet weather, we opted for a tram ride to explore the significant sights of Lisbon rather than staying indoors. Went on the TRAM 28, one of the famous Lisbon icons. It passes through the popular tourist districts for about a 40-minute journey. It took us winding up (or…

A window in Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a charming countryside in England. It is famous for its endearing cottages just like this. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Navigating Lisbon’s Stairways and Alleys

TRAVEL DIARY: LISBON 1 Jack and I reached Lisbon from Barcelona via Vuelling airlines in approximately 2 hours. Upon arrival, we met up with Tim and Leigh, who had traveled from London. We took an Uber to our Airbnb and true to the forecast it rained the whole day. After putting our luggage down and…

Bluestone Chapel’s Windows

This is the Bluestone Chapel that sits high on a hill within the grounds of Montsalvat Arts Colony, only about 40 minutes away from Melbourne. Stained glass windows surround the chapel. While the main altar appears simple at first glance, closer inspection reveals attention to detail on its wooden carvings which elevates its elegance.

Rue de L’Abreuvoir Windows

Rue de L’Abreuvoir and its aurrounds is a little Parisian paradise in Montmartre. It has cobbled streets, ivy covered walls, pink coloured cafes that makes it the prettiest street in Paris. Here are some of the lovely windows that can be seen here. Linked to Xingfumama’s Whatsoever is lovely Ludwig’s Monday Window

On a Road Trip

These are countryside sceneries from the car window on our way to Edinburgh from York. It is just so lovely to have spent this time with my son even just for a few days. Glad he agreed to be our driver for this road trip. Linked to Ludwig’s Monday Window and for Xingfumama’s Whatsoever is…

Windows in Manila

I am now back to reminiscing my trip to the Philippines. While driving around Manila, I saw these windows of apartments. Inspired by Ludwig’s Monday Window

Windows and Cobbled Streets

“Never hesitate to open new windows in your life!” – unknown In Prague, when I avoided the crowds in the streets and was able to capture these windows …